Dye Penetrant Testing

The dye penetrant examination also called Liquid Penetrant examination is a widely applied and low cost inspection method for the inspection of the weld seams, hair-line cracks, and pin holes.Inspection is carried out visually in red-white process.

Pneumatic Leak

Pneumatic leak test is carried out on the final assembly of bellows. Air under water at 1 bar inside pressure and a holding time of 1 minute to find out any leak in the bellows. For this test the bellows to be equipped with proper sealing.

Hydraulic Leak Test

Hydraulic leak test is carried out based on the customers requirements.

Helium Leak

The helium leak test to be carried out on bellows in special applications with very high quality requirements in Vacuum engineering & nuclear engineering.We have a facility of Helium leak Mass spectrometer to find the leak @ the rate of 1 x 10-12 mbar.litres/Sec

Spring Rate Testing

The force to have the unit displacement of bellows is called as spring rate. The spring rate is critical for bellows used in Measuring & Control devices. For that we design the bellows according to customer needs and check the spring rate of the bellows for design verification.

Life Cycle Test

The fatigue life of the bellows is to withstand the given number of flexing cycles. For that the bellows is compressed and then expanded to complete one cycle. The life cycle test is conducted until the bellows get failure. When testing is required our cycle test machine is available for design verification. Each bellows assembly should perform tightness test after cycle test as per standard.

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