• pdtTitProducts

    “BHASTRIK” reviews design and service condition requirements of customers as per EJMA. “BHASTRIK” also advises/suggests changes in the design for the customer to decide. “BHASTRIK” manufactures bellows in all austenitic stainless steel, exotic metals like Haste alloy, Inconel and in non-ferrous materials like Brass, Cupronickels, Copper and Phosphor-bronze. Metal Bellows offer elegant solutions for most piping design problems involving thermal expansion, volume compensation, vibration isolation, etc. Bellows are manufactured by Hydro-forming operation or by expanding mandrel forming and rubber or elastomer forming processes.

  • Allied Components

    Our relentless endeavor and focus to develop special components for our customers led us to develop products like pressed, deep drawn components, thin walled fabrication for Cryo vessels, hoses for vacuum, nuclear and aerospace applications.

    To make things hassle free for our customers we undertake contract manufacturing run by a consortium of technically sound entrepreneurs who value challenging projects.