We in BHASTRIK believe that the customers should derive the maximum benefits out of doing business with us. To make this into a reality BHASTRIK have embarked on a unique programme, developing in-house capability to manufacture special purpose machines, fixtures and testing facilities to cater to the exclusive demands of the customer.

BHASTRIK possess the capability to join different metals by welding. Welding can be done on a spectrum of metals of varying cross-sectional thicknesses. Laser, Micro Plasma & Micro TIG  on special purpose machines in soundness the following combination of metals could be welded.

  • Similar metals – S.S. to S.S. – from thickness of 0.10 mm onwards.
  • Dissimilar metals – S.S. to M.S., S.S. to CuNi, S.S. to Hastealloy, S.S. to Monel, Etc.
  • Heat resistant metals – Inconel 600, 625, 718, 800, Hastealloy C22, C276, A M 350 & Titanium Metal & Maraging steel.
  • Non-ferrous metals – Phosphor Bronze, Copper and Brass.

Weld using laser technique BHASTRIK gets this facility out sourced. Please contact us for your special laser welding requirements.

The Bellows manufactured by “BHASTRIK” are all validated in conformance with the technical specifications of the customer and also with EJMA (Latest Version).

It is a matter of pride that “BHASTRIK” follows AS 9100C verbatim and also is certified since 2012 in anticipation of Aerospace boom.

“BHASTRIK’S”  attitude to excel has made it a single vendor and also a green channel vendor to most of its customers.

The tests are:

  • Erection Cup Test
  • Seismig Test
  • Die penetrant Test
  • Pneumatic Leak Testing.
  • Hydro Static Leak Test.
  • Helium Leak Testing.
  • Spring Rate Testing.
  • Fatigue Life Testing.
  • Special test on customer’s request.

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