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    “BHASTRIK” reviews design and service condition requirements of customers as per EJMA. “BHASTRIK” also advises/suggests changes in the design for the customer to decide. “BHASTRIK” manufactures bellows in all austenitic stainless steel, exotic metals like Haste alloy, Inconel and in non-ferrous materials like Brass, Cupronickels, Copper and Phosphor-bronze. Metal Bellows offer elegant solutions for most piping design problems involving thermal expansion, volume compensation, vibration isolation, etc. Bellows are manufactured by Hydro-forming operation or by expanding mandrel forming and rubber or elastomer forming processes.

  • Convoluted Bellows

    Convoluted Bellows are thin walled cylindrical components. Their surface area features a corrugated structure which is perpendicular to the cylinder axis. Because of this corrugated structure the bellows are highly flexible during axial, lateral and/or angular.

    These bellows are used in Valve sealing, Pipe line construction, Vibration absorbers, Exhaust systems etc.

    BHASTRIK manufacture convoluted bellows in stainless steel and exotic metals including Haste alloy C-276, Inconel 600, 625 and 718, of sizes ranging from 10 mm dia up to 600 mm.

    BHASTRIK also manufactures convoluted bellows out of brass, Cupronickels, copper and phosphor-bronze in sheet thickness from 0.15 mm and upwards, either seam welded or seamless. The sizes vary from minimum of 18 mm I.D. to a maximum of 75 mm O.D